15 October 2013

This Blog Is Closing

I am stopping this blog. I have enjoyed some of the topics and comments to them. I have really appreciated the emails and wish to thank those people. I will continue working with the mobility dog trainer as I am able.

It is a shame for all the service dog fraud that is happening, but I can only advise people to write their congressional members and express their displeasure. I have done this for the last year, but it has not yielded any response. I cannot deal with the negative stories and constant fraud articles. I see enough of that happening in my own small town from people with their “comfort” dogs. I have never seen so many ill tempered pets and know of a few that have been bitten by these “comfort” dogs. One grocery store has evicted several of these “comfort” dogs and they return with “fake” documents all the time.

Service dogs in the public places are supposed to be trained to be silent generally and not cause a nuisance to people round them.

I will keep my blog here up and operating as long as I am able.  I may publish a few service dog blogs there.


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